Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Tour of East Williamsburg Bizarro Businesses, Part 2


This has to be one of my favorite businesses on Graham Avenue. First, let's start with the name: Kitty's Cards 'n Things. Emphasis on the "Things." Though it first appears to just be a simple card and photo shop, Kitty's Cards 'n Things is provides a plethora of goods and services. Along with "greeting cards," "back packs," "passport photos," and "video transfer," signs on the door claim that Kitty's also offers XXX and Kung Fu DVD's (starting at $5.99, a bargain!), watch bands and batteries, and if you go inside, you will also discover a large selection of bongs and pipes. Perhaps this is what is meant by "Gifts and Toys." They should mention this is gifts for your stoner cousin who goes to high school in New Jersey. Who, while you're there, would also totally appreciate some lottery tickets. Come to think of it, I feel like this is the kind of business a stoner kid from New Jersey would probably open.


On a somewhat related topic, it has been noted by myself that East Williamsburg local bar Sweet Ups now has a sign declaring it is open at noon every day. Considering they don't really serve food there, what exactly is the point of this? Are we hipsters unemployed in such quantities that we have been driven to drink at all hours of the day? The evidence, as several daytime walk-bys have suggested, points to not yet. But maybe soon.



Anonymous said...

Ohhh, man. If I ever pony up the money to go back to New York again, you are sooooo going to be my tour guide.
I only require that...
1. I get the finest of XXX and Kung Fu related DVD's for under $7.
2. I'm able to transfer my video collection while I start drinking at noon.

Rachel said...

Done and done.