Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unemployment entertainment

It's week 4 of official unemployment. The first week was nice, the second week I had a house guest to entertain me, but weeks 3 and 4 have been pretty fucking boring, in all honesty. Between applying for the odd job here and there (its slim pickings out there on the internet, today I emailed a contact at AIDS Walk to see if they were hiring and I am supposed to get an interview to be a sign and poster distributor...wooooooo) I am trying to find different ways to pass the time. Trying as hard as possible to avoid shopping, I have been sewing (some, not tons), cleaning & reorganizing, reading (and yes, watching lots of tv), working out, but probably mostly cooking and baking. Cookies from scratch, muffins from scratch, gnocchi from scratch, and today, bolognese sauce from scratch.

Though I've always enjoyed cooking, this is a huge departure from the kind of food I was eating while employed, which generally consisted of food that I could either pop in the microwave, oven or pot and go lie in bed till it was ready. I am making way more than I can actually eat myself. Now I know what a 50's housewife must have felt like.

I have never felt so much that I need a purpose in life.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, I started cooking like crazy the second I was laid off. I was making things from scratch and asking for herb gardens for Christmas. So not like me. What is that? Does some weird house wife switch go on when you don't have a career?
Umm, I'm on month 4 of having no job and no job prospects. I feel your pain, girl. Shit is so bad right now.