Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Angela Spencers Irresistable Stuff

As shops and magazines are already pushing spring clothing at us, we here in New York are still in the throes of winter. Today was a balmy 28 degrees for a high, only to continue (if we are to believe the groundhog) for at least another month and a half. Harsh, mother nature, harsh. One of the problems with the lack of winter clothes in stores around this time of year is this is when I find I am constantly losing my winter accessories like scarves, hats, and gloves. My biggest casualty so far of the year was a super-long, super-warm black and white A.P.C. scarf that I picked up at a sample sale last winter, only to be left at Barden's Boudoir in London one night and is probably being worn by some lucky Locust fan (yes, I got talked into seeing the Locust) or perhaps a dandy Turkish man on the Kingsland Road. Though I was upset about that, I am also mourning the loss of my hat by the talented Angela Spencer. I discovered Angela and her line Angela Spencers Irresistable Stuff (A.S.I.S.) at the Brooklyn Lyceum Craft Market in December where I had a table. I did what I often tend to do which is spend all my money I make at craft fairs on other vendors crafts, but my hat by Angela was definitely the favorite thing I purchased.

Not only does she make fabulous stuff for winter but she also has launched a collection of one-of-a-king fancy crocheted collars made of vintage cotton for spring:

I especially love Angela's line because lot of indie knitwear out there tends to look a little artsy-crafty/hippy-dippy but A.S.I.S. is in single-color yarns in practical, basic colors. I miss my A.S.I.S. hat and hope to buy another one again soon.


Anonymous said...

1. I'm in LOVE with those crocheted collars. So perfect.
2. Oh man, The Locust. So funny.
3. Dude. Are you the beloved Rachel that's friend's with Megan/Mattie/Rory/Ana/etc?

Rachel said...

i am!

Anonymous said...

OMG! No way. The world is too small. I've heard so many good things about you. It's so nice to finally meet you. Umm, does it count as "meeting" if it's on the internet?

PS - Your blog and style are fantastic.

Rachel said...

thanks :)

yeah i suppose i should have introduced myself as someone you kinda know before leaving you stalker-ish blog messages.

Leti said...

these are great! I hate most indie knits, and I even knit, think people get carried away with trying to challenge themselves and then make ugly stuff.

Rachel said...

yeah i could never sell anything i crochet it looks too ugly. but this chick gets it right.