Monday, February 2, 2009

the week in pictures part 2

The culinary adventures continued the rest of the week with visits to Teany, Coffee Shop, Oak Wine Bar, Sunset Diner, Motorino, Lombardi's, and special visits to One if by Land, Two if by Sea (restaurant week menu!) and Craftbar, where I had a gift certificate courtesy of guests who stayed with me back last may. We also had some delicious pizza prepared by James Ryang at Keren's now on hiatus Gossip Girl dinner party night. I'd say One if by Land was probably the highlight... we were able to eat in this legendary restaurant based in Aaron Burr's old carriage house, a 300 year old building in the West Village. Thanks to Restaurant Week we were able to experience it for $35 prix-fixe, whereas the regular prix-fixe is $78. The stunning room featured some impressive paintings, ornate chandeliers, working fireplaces, and live piano. Amusingly, they got our dessert order wrong 3 times (first two cheesecakes, then cheesecake for me, then cheesecake for Robin: neither of us ordered the cheesecake), but it was still over all a special experience. Oh, and I gained a couple pounds. To be expected.

Life is back to normal now as I continue to look for work. I had a phone interview today with the Third Wave Foundation for a very cool job that would definitely be a challenge for me, but something I think I could handle as well. Unfortunately, interviewing is not my strong suit and I faltered a little bit. Phone interviews in particular kind of throw me off so I don't know if I'll make it to the next round, but here's hoping.

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