Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two tone tights, the compromise

So everyone has seen the amazing 2-tone Chanel tights from F/W 08:

Drool. Some people thought, hey, they're tights, even though they're from Chanel, how expensive could they really be? Oh, snap, $350 on Ebay, nevermind. So, what other options do we have? Some ladies tried to make their own, others (including myself) picked up the cheapo not nearly as cool version by Urban Outfitters:

Sadly, not only did these not quite look right because the front was sheer instead of creme colored, but because the front was so sheer, they snagged and laddered during the first wear. $5 not very well spent if I do say so myself.

The compromise? I found some from Wolford on Ebay ($40) that, while not exactly the same, have the same effect and are much thicker and higher quality than the UO ones:

feb 3 2009

Hat: Brooklyn Handknit; Scarf: by the amazing Kim of Tiny Hearts on Etsy; Jacket: Mischen; Gloves: Leather Gloves Online; Shorts: Topshop; Tights: Wolford; Boots: Vintage; Bag: Self-made; Umbrella: Amazon. Really!

And yes, I am wearing shorts in the snow, dammit. Bundle up on your neck and head and you'll be ok, generally.

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Anonymous said...

Well played. It's nice to see that somebody else understands the "bundle up on your neck" theory. This winter was so bad that people were starting to look like walking sleeping bags. They could have just worn amazing tights and more scarves. Fools.