Friday, February 13, 2009

Twigs Salon

Years ago, I worked at a hair salon in the East Village called Soon Beauty Lab. It was a pretty decent place to work, and there were some really talented hairdressers that worked there, but the structure and style of the salon was not the best fit for everyone employed there. So in December, three of the most talented (and coolest, in my fair opinion), opened their own salon on E. 11th Street between A and B. Twigs Salon has a completely different aesthetic than Soon (and a different attitude, as well). Most of their furnishings were picked up on Ebay and in thrift stores. They even have a vintage bar in the lower level where you can help yourself to a beer or some wine while you get your hair did.

The atmosphere is casual, warm, rustic, and mid-century, but not gimmicky or pretentious. I'm so proud of my friends for making their vision come to life. I wish I could do the same!

I took these pictures on Wednesday afternoon when I stopped by to have Julie cut my bangs. Alyssa, Dion, and Evie the doggy were there too to see Janell, and Heather stopped by so we could hang out and enjoy the amazing 65 degree day.





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