Friday, May 1, 2009

A Tour of East Williamsburg Bizarro Businesses, Episode 4

Oh, my precious little neighborhood, gotta love it.

I live in a little bit of a no-man's land over here, my closest restaurants are a divey diner and a McDonalds (although a nice little hip cafe just opened, thank god). With no good bodegas or supermakets in sight, I was super excited when a new dollar store opened up 2 blocks away, what kind of goodies would there be inside?


I was initially intrigued by this sign on the window promoting all the things you could possibly need for a luau party.


Sweet, cause I have been DYING to have a luau party. Once inside, I started in the food aisles, and came upon some dollar cereal. Is this Honey Nut Cheerios? Oh, no, pardon me, Honey Nut Scooters! Next to some Honey Nut Cheerios.


Then I was thinking, you know what would be totally awesome, if they had some Oxyclean. Oh wait, its TOTALLY AWESOME OXYGEN BASE CLEANER.


They had a whole aisle dedicated to stuff for weddings. Cause nothing says classy wedding like stuff from the dollar store.


Nearly bought this for a bridal shower for my friend Sam, obedience training whistle for your new husband:


And finally, as promised, the luau supplies section. Even better than I could have imagined.


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wo, this is amazing!