Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lingerie is up on Etsy

We had a super fun photo shoot this past week with Erin Barry. I asked my friends Alexandra and Marta to be the models and we shot it in Marta's apartment and backyard, much to the amusement of her neighbors. The ladies were great together and super good sports about the near-nudity. Alex also did some masterful photoshopping (sorry, no more naughty bits!) and made this amazing collage

They're now up at my brand new etsy shop.

Tip: google your brand name before you start a line, or you may never find out that your name is already claimed by a fugly bespoke lingerie line, a stripper supplies shop, and a masectomy bra supplier. GREAT. Name's already on the labels though so oh well. Any ideas for next time?

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