Thursday, May 21, 2009

The nail in the coffin

Monday afternoon I got called by my temp agency, who had not called me in almost 4 months despite nearly two years of faithful service, with a 4 day placement at a charity on Wall Street, doing straight data entry. The problem? Data entry makes me want to shoot myself in the face after doing it for a couple hours and I end up constantly looking for ways to distract myself. But I took the job anyway cause, hell, I needed the money and had spent half the money I had made at Artists and Fleas this weekend on a pair of shoes at Topshop (typical).

After I got through the 8 hours without managing to jump out the 16th story window, I got a call from my agency saying that I was not needed back at this assignment for the rest of the week, and that they had said I work too slowly and was on the internet. Seriously?!?!? Who is programmed to be able to bang out data all day long quickly and without error? Apparently not me. I was also pissed at how non-confrontational this was, the company calling my agency instead of criticizing me to my face and demanding I do better.

Whatever, screw it. I am so over working for non-profits. If it means doing data entry all day when I am so capable of doing more then I don't really want any part of it.

On the way home I saw this coffin set up on Wall Street. I'm not really sure what it was for but I felt it was a sign.

coffin in wall street


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I am a long term temp and have specified straight out that I am not available for any data entry positions under any circumstances. I've done it before and I will NEVER do it again.
The coffin was surely a sign- death to all data entry temp positions! Or something.

alexandra said...

ohhhhh i love kind to call your agency and not confront you...the same has happened to me lady. xxx