Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh Lyell how I love thee

Gah damn these January recession sales. Everyone is tempting me with bargains and I continue to give in despite my income ceasing as of yesterday (last paycheck). To ease my guilt I went to Beacon's Closet and Buffalo Exchange earlier this week to unload some unwanted items. Honestly I don't get the logic of those places sometimes. Buffalo Exchange took a good amount of my cheap H&M and Forever 21 stuff while passing on Marc Jacobs, Built by Wendy, Orla Kiely, and Deborah Sweeney. I only made $50, which I promptly spent on... groceries. Great.

So despite better judgement, I headed to Nolita today to check out the Lyell sale. Lyell is one of my favorite NY designers, up there with Mayle, Mischen, Samantha Pleet, Lauren Moffatt, etc... yet I never owned any pieces, primarily because they are so expensive. I thought their F/W collection was exceptionally strong this year and I fell in love with this top:

And today it is mine! For only $80, down from $500. It is really delicate and beautiful. Hooray! There was also a really gorgeous sweater but I had to pass as I really don't need more sweaters.

The Lyell sale is on through tomorrow so go check it out, they're at 173 Elizabeth Street.

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