Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Godard and Beauty Products

Yesterday was my first day being officially, officially unemployed (I don't count yesterday as it was a federal holiday). While I had learned that I would not be hired by the organization I had worked for temporarily in November, it was not until Friday that we finally parted ways. Alex likened it to a bad relationship... we just. wouldn't. break. up. But yesterday the reality of things crept in a little bit. Fortunately I had plenty to keep me busy. Ana came over in the morning and we drank coffee and watched the inaguration. How funny was that last guy who made the benediction? We had many LOLs about that one.

Later I met up with Megan to score free beauty products. While not a huge beauty product junkie (I wear basically the same make up look every day, plus my best friend works in beauty PR and tends to keep me stocked with anything my heart desires), we couldn't resist the allure of this mysterious "class action" free-for-all." I mapped out the major department stores participating and Megan and I set out to hunt. Bloomingdales was first. That one was probably the most efficient of the stores I went to. The line started out on the street but then they gave you a sheet of paper with all the products that were available. To our dismay, you were only allowed 1 product TOTAL, not one product from each brand as I had previously thought. We made our picks and then moved on to Barneys. Not participating! Gah.... though we still peeked in to the Co-op on the 7th floor. On to Bergdorfs, a store I would never really set my foot in (Hi, I'm not Blair Waldorf) otherwise, where the selection was much smaller but the line was short-ish. I got talked into getting a little mini makeover at one of the cosmetic counters on the way out so Megan bailed to go meet her boyfriend. Eyes freshly made up (with no pressure to buy, fortunately), I trudged on to Saks for Round 3. This was the worst run of the bunch... the line was super long (though moved fast), and near the front you were given a ticket representing one of the brands, but were not told what products were available from each brand. Unsure of what to get, I randomly decided on Dior, and handled my ticket in to receive: a mini bottle of J'adore... which would be great if I hadn't gotten 3 FULL SIZE BOTTLES OF J'ADORE FOR FREE in a gift bag a few years ago. Its an OK scent but not my favorite, so now I have more of it. I tried to trade it in for something else (as did many women) but the Saks bitches were having none of it and we were told to move along. Anyways these are todays spoils:

Later on I went to go see Made in USA, a "lost" Godard film from 1966 featuring french hottie and Godard regular Anna Karina. Apparently it never got a US release. While it was definitely not one of my favorites of his (I got a little sleepy and got, admittedly, very confused with the plot), it was great to see a Godard film in color (on a new print), and Anna's style was, as usual, to die for.

She was all sweater dresses, trench coats, blue eyeshadow and black eyeliner. Plus, in the midst of swilling some scotch she clocked a guy in the head with one of her low heeled Mary Janes. Brilliant. I looked all over for a great colorblock sweater dress like the one in the first picture above but couldn't find one, but here's an outfit inspired by Anna.

Anna Karina in Made in USA
Anna Karina in Made in USA - by nouvell_vague on Polyvore.com

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