Saturday, January 17, 2009

New shirt project finished

It being 18 degrees outside (optimistically) I opted to stay in this evening and finish a project. While I knew I should be cleaning in preparation for Robin's arrival, after 20 minutes of organizing CD's and throwing away old papers I decided to attack a sewing project instead. I'd started this shirt project over the summer and it had been sitting in a plastic bag patiently waiting to be completed. While not a huge fan of 40's fashion (long hemlines heldover from the 30's, not my favorite), I fell in love with this pattern and envisioned the finished product in black and white:

mccall's 6769

I purchased the main fabric at Stone Mountain in Berkeley, one of the best fabric stores around (and I live in New York!), around last winter when I was spending a lot of time out there. It's from Moda and is a quilting weight cotton. I opted for a contrasting black eyelet fabric that I picked up at B&J. FYI: eyelet is way expensive. Maybe just at B&J but anyways... I'll not be making a dress completely out of eyelet any time soon. Anyways I finally put the hem on the bottom tonight and voila!

40's shirt

I haven't quite decided how I want to wear it yet, maybe with a nice black pencil skirt?

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