Sunday, December 6, 2009

Top 10 Vintage sellers on Etsy, Part 1

If you are a vintage clothing junkie, you've probably noticed that there is now a ton of amazing vintage on Etsy now. Part of that is the site's growth in general, and part of that is due to a number of vintage dealers defecting from ebay as a result of increased fees. As a New Yorker, the internet is pretty much the only place to get affordable vintage these days (most NY shops are overpriced) so I spend a lot of free time scrolling through Etsy and day dreaming. Here are, in no particular order, my favorite Etsy vintage shops (this post will come in 2 parts, one this week and one next). First up, let's look at my top shops for (mostly) formal wear:

This shop is also on ebay but they reserve some absurdly stunning stuff for their Etsy store. They're based in California and must have some ridiculous connections in Hollywood to get their mitts on these amazing pieces. Prices are pretty up there, so this is really a shop to just admire or maybe save for a special occasion.

Dear Golden seems to focus on the 30's-50's, a little less eveningwear focused than the shop above so you're sure to find something wearable (my favorites are still the evening wear though, naturally). Prices are reasonable and few things are over $100.

I can never get enough black cocktail dresses. This shop has a seemingly endless supply. Oh hey 13 bees, I've got spare room in my closet if you wanna send me some? Wink wink. Prices are expensive but not unreachable, and there are some really fun pieces from the 30's and 40's.

These guys also have an active ebay shop, but they have a small, well, curated collection over on Etsy. Again, very expensive here, but its hard to put a price on some of these beauties.

Land of 1000 Dresses

Pretty self-explanatory here... too many to pick from.

Next time... every day wear!


Miss Woody said...

aaah i'll cry! these shoes are perfect !

Melissa Z. said...

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liza z. said...

Great shops you've chosen! Have you seen SwaneeGrace on Etsy, it's pretty fab.

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Spring time in Georgia! said...


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dempss01 said...

Gosh, you have to check out this one too Only just found it, but so fab for vintage clothes!!