Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Gown

I've had a week of "staycation" here in Brooklyn and have been going a little stir crazy. At first it was nice but then I got sick and broke and it got really cold out, so I have been trying to busy myself with my "to do" sewing pile. Ever since my trip to Paris this summer and my trip to the Vionnet exhibit, I had wanted to get a 30's dress, but my first attempt ended up being a cheap polyester number on ebay that was actually from the 70's (the seller reimbursed me, always check for labels cause not everyone selling on ebay is an expert). By a stroke of good luck, while browsing one of my favorite vintage shops Twisters back in my hometown of Berkeley, CA, this fall I stumbled upon this gown on the sale rack for $20. It needed some work, so it sat in my "to fix" pile for ages, because, honestly, where am I going to wear this? But this afternoon I finally fixed her all up so she's ready to wear. This is officially the oldest piece of clothing that I own, and may never be worn, but its beautiful to have around, if only to admire.

30's dress I restored

30's dress I restored

What's the oldest item in your closet?

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