Friday, October 30, 2009

YSL Parisienne Party

Last night I got to go to a whole half an hour of the YSL Parisienne party. Due to a PR nightmare at the door we ended up waiting outside for nearly the whole party. Pretty disappointing as I'd been looking forward to it all month and all my friends, who had arrived on time (I'd waited for some latecomers) got in immediately. Despite nearly having a panic attack it was pretty neat once I got in. It was at the Angel Orensanz Center, a former synagogue in the Lower East Side, a perfect setting for a decadent masquerade ball. Everyone really made an effort to dress up and it was great. Its so rare that people do these days.

Photo courtesy of High Snobette

Here are some photos of my friends, all a wee bit tipsy since they'd been in since 9. Oh well, they got the hangovers and I didn't!

YSL parisienne party

YSL parisienne party

YSL parisienne party

I am going to be a crow for halloween, basically I have a lot of feather action happening and a leather mask. What are you going to be?


monica burnett said...

looks like so much fun!

i am going as little edie from gray gardens - pics on my blog!

Rachel said...

amazing! great idea!