Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Annick Rosenfield photoshoot

I did a quick photoshoot on Friday with my friend Annick who recently finished her MFA at the School of Visual Arts. The first half of the shoot was to build her portfolio in hopes of getting some work with a men's magazine. Now I'm not really a men's magazine type nor had I ever done anything like this before but given the opportunity to do some more nice shoots with Lady Jane Lingerie I couldn't refuse. Beware, the following is a little NSFW!

me in lady jane lingerie

I just think this is such a pretty shot I don't even care if I'm in my bra.

The other photos were the first in a series that she is hoping to submit to W magazine on the theme of excess... and who better to represent excess than me in all my vintage clothes.

annick rosenfield photoshoot

annick rosenfield photoshoot

annick rosenfield photoshoot

We may do an elaboration on these photos later, can't wait. Thanks Annick! Go check out her website her work is lovely.


Claire said...

wow! looks fab - you look so much like Katy Perry.

Rachel said...

ha i get that sometimes :)

she stole my style! kidding.

calivintage said...

oh stunning colors. these are some very nice photos and good luck to your friend!

Rachel said...

thank you!

Solanah said...

Ok, love these photos, your shop, and your blog!

Lauren said...

you look wonderful! i love that yellow dress you're wearing... so adorable!


Rachel said...

thanks! annick is really talented.