Friday, October 2, 2009

Vintage dress twins!

I know one of the appeals of shopping vintage, to many people, is that your item is potentially one of a kind, but you know what I really love? Finding dress twins! I've done this several times (usually at the Manhattan Vintage Clothing show) but never got to document it until now. About a year ago I picked up this little cotton embroidered dress (from the early 60's I'd say) from the Brooklyn Flea for $40:

Then, this summer while at Beyond Retro off Brick Lane in London, I spotted its twin!

Twinnie here was selling for a ridiculous £60, but such is the way things go in London. Not like I really needed another one but it would have been nice to reunite them. So, go visit my twin dress the next time you are at Beyond Retro, if you're ever there. Does anyone have a similar story?

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