Monday, August 3, 2009

Patterned tights round-up

Hello! Its been a while. Things are crazy busy with school and all my projects are due this week and next. My design project is almost done, I can't wait to put it up here.

I was gonna write more about France... but am gonna skip it. What I will mention is that I got some amazing new Chantal Thomass tights while I was there (had nearly bought some at Century 21 in New York a few months ago and decided not to as I was having a particularly broke day, then once I figured out how hard they are to find outside of France was kicking myself). But at last, I found a couple pairs in the sale at Galleries Lafayette:

Anyone who reads this blog knows I am a total legwear maniac and am always on the lookout for new, creative brands. I wanted to run down some recent finds as well as some brands I'm coveting. A while ago I wrote about Hansel from Basel. I recently got a pair of stockings from acclaimed Scottish brand Bebaroque on sale at Asos:

These are pretty much the hottest stockings ever and a car with a couple of girls pulled up next to me and asked where I got them as I was swishing down the street. Bebaroque make tons of cool tights as well, such as the following:

Next up on my list is a brand I found from France called Les Queues Des Sardinnes. As of now they don't have anyone that stocks them outside of France but I have a feeling that will change. A lot of their designs border on the creepy side but I think that adds to their appeal! You can order them internationally through SuicidalShop:

Another foreign, hard to find brand out of Finland is Zukale & Huoviala. They make great printed tights with simple line illustrations. Hard to find as well but you can order them on the Finnish Design shop website.

Finally, to round off this round-up, I'm loving these peacock-printed tights from Look from London... a generally cheesy label (and not actually from London which adds to the cheese factor) but am liking these ones that they have on offer at Mod Cloth:

Hope that was some good legwear inspiration. My advice is to always buy an extra pair with these brands, if you can afford it... legwear is fleeting and when your pair ladders you never know if you'll be able to get another!


Fashion freek said...

Check out for great tights!!

Stunt Codpiece said...

Hi, you seem like the sort of person who might know...My girlfriend would like a pair of tights like this with the lightning pattern obviously...any idea where I might be able to find some?

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