Friday, March 6, 2009

Hansel from Basel

A few weeks ago, Samantha gave me some knee-high socks from a label called Hansel and Basel. As a tights and socks fanatic I was intrigued to learn of an indie legwear label that I hadn't heard of before. The label is based out of LA and was started two years ago by Hannah Byun, who had worked in the hosiery industry before that in production. She has four collections so far, each of which has a theme (S/S 08 for example was inspired by "Mondrian, sherbert stripes, and springtime picnics!"). Some of my favorites:

In addition to the ones Sam gave me I picked up the spats knee highs in black and white:

Oh and that's a new bag I made for my Etsy site (going up soon) and will also be available at Treehouse.

A side note, what is with "tights fetishists"? I recently decided to stop participating in the Wardrobe Remix group on flickr because of all the tights fetish dudes lurking around there. Seriously, tights? The male pysche never ceases to confound and amaze me.

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