Monday, August 10, 2009

Ruffle my feathers

There was this girl with a feathered collar on Face Hunter last winter that everyone was obsessed with, including me... where could we get such a thing?

There was one on Pixie Market that was really expensive and a few, not quite as cool ones on Etsy. I never bought one and pretty much forgot about it, until I was at Spitalfields yesterday and came across Lulu O'Neil's booth, a 50-year old charming Scottish lady who makes burlesque-inspired accessories, where I found a version of said feather collar for a reasonable 25 squids.
lulu o'neil feather collar
Yes, that's me in no make-up.

lulu o'neil feather collar
Sadly all she has is a Myspace page (Myspace? Hello, so 2006...) but I'm sure she would do a custom order.

In other news, I have exactly one week left of school! Terrifying. Where did the summer go? Its job hunting time again, sigh.

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