Sunday, March 22, 2009

I was gonna post some pictures from SXSW but...

...when I went to get my camera out of my bag it was NOT THERE! I was looking through videos while I was waiting for the plane so I am assuming it fell out of my bag while I was on it. JFK airport is a nightmare and I am guessing it is very unlikely I will see it again. So sad, so many great videos of crazy shit that happened. This, on top of missing my 7am flight this morning, has made this a rather shitty day. TRAVEL FAIL. You will never get to see my pictures of Dave Navarro and his nipple rings, a Japanese all-girl marching band that plays in bikinis, Monotonix moving their show out of the club and traveling down Red River street, and perhaps most tragically of all, my video of a rooster wandering around and crowing in East Austin.

Honestly I did not have that great a time this year. My New York girls did not come so I spent a lot of time on my own since other friends were working or playing shows. I spent half of the time running around trying to meet up with people and by the end of the day my feet were always so sore and achy that I was limping. Also was totally ignored by both exes who happened to be in town (this is what happens when you date boys in bands nearly exclusively... SXSW becomes a minefield) and all those free drinks + boys being lame = DRUNKEN CRAZY TEXT MESSAGES (whoops). I hate boys.

Highlight: Dan and I seeing the Queers @ Red 7. OMG I loved that band, they look and sounded the same, it was rad.
Lowlight: Waiting 2 hours at the Fader Fort to apparently see Kanye West, who I could give a shit about, then giving up after 2 hours of nothing. And missing flight and losing camera and boy drama. Yeah.

I don't think I will be going back next year. Now for a nice long bath...

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