Monday, March 30, 2009

Erin Barry photoshoot

My new friend Erin did a really fun shoot with me at my house and nearby to build her portfolio. She has a great eye for composition and color. All items are from my wardrobe and all are vintage with the exception of the hat which is American Apparel. We also did a short video in black in white (very "nouvelle vague") that she is setting to music, will post when its finished! Thanks Erin!


Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful! and yey that you and Erin are making fun, I lovvvve her photos, xxx

TrickyMaus said...

Hi, I love your clothing. Is there a way I can contact Erin or have her contact me? I work for a modeling agency and would love to have her possibly test some of our models. My contact is . Thanks.