Monday, June 1, 2009

Top ten things I will miss about New York in Summer

1. The beach. Sorry, England, your beaches are kind of pathetic.


2. Roof parties. These have evaporated someone in Williamsburg but still happen in Bushwick to some degree. Nothing will compare to summer of '03 roof parties, from which the following is my favorite picture. Epic.

2003- memory lane

3. BBQ's. OK, they do this in the UK a little bit but I think it is more of an art over here. Not quite as much as in the South where they actually have the culinary tradition but there is nothing quite like cooking outside with all your close friends.




4. McCarren Park hangin'. Is Hoxton Square the equivalent? Please update me.

5. Free summer shows at McCarren Pool. OK, so this is getting moved this year to the waterfront, I have no idea if it will be as fun, but it was great to have your Sunday Afternoon sorted every weekend.

me and lou at mccarren pool

mccarren pool

6. 4th of July. Every one has days off and the day usually consists of #2 and #3. Plus the sky explodes. Awesome.

ana fireworks

4th of july

7. Vespa and Bicycle riding.

8. Roof top pools. You have to be sneaky to get in, but once you are, I think the photo says it all.


9. Admiring the view.



10. Friends. I will miss you lots.


Erin Barry Photography said...

Yessss rachel, this is very well said!! when do you leave again, next week? let's do something this weekend outdoors!

Rachel said...

saturday the 13th! yes we shall hang and you shall not disappear :)

alexandra said...

lets do something this weekend lady! xx

Anonymous said...

My friend always says the only thing worse than living in New York is not living in New York.
That said, you're going to have a brilliant time in London! It's so much fun in the summer. Buy both Rorys a drink from me.

Rachel said...

alex: yes! friday or saturday haven't sorted my plans out.

automne, yeah that sounds about right. i never see rory p but if i do i will certainly buy him a drink!