Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hi I'm back

I have internet! I am finally reunited with all my friends like gmail, facebook, flickr, google reader, and um, gchat. I guess I don't really use that many web pages but with a pay-as-you-go phone and no internet I was feeling really out of touch with everyone from back home, so hopefully that will now change.

So its been week 2 of fashion school and its been rather bizarre and weird to say the least. It feels very strange to be drawing in class and making collages of magazine cut outs when one is used to sitting in lectures and having in-depth conversations about health policy in the EU (which, to be fair, I was often spacing out on and probably making doodles in my notebook). It also is just strange to be a full time student again, especially starting from scratch in the way that I am and realizing that I don't really know all that much about fashion at all, at least compared with some of the tutors that I'm learning from.

Today we had a design process class where I was presented with the dreaded task of having to DRAW SOMETHING. Thankfully it turned out ok and I was actually pretty impressed by myself though I do recall I just mostly plagiarized a set of vintage shoes that I had seen in a shop in Berkeley. But hey, look ma, I can draw!

Apart from school, I am finally set up with a new cheapie bike (a 60's German bike that I purchased from a guy in London Fields), a new IKEA mattress so as to not break my back again, and now internet at last, I am starting to feel more at home. Now if only I could get a bank account!

I'm seeing Blur on Friday. I am also already causing mischief. I love London.


Anonymous said...

yeay! great drawing and i love reading about your london adventures! i'm wondering what mischief you've caused...

Rachel said...

teehee that's not for the internet ;)