Friday, April 3, 2009

The obligatory Topshop post

OK, I admit it, I have been waiting for this freakin' Topshop to open for 8 years. Since 2001 (my first stint living in London) I was thinking to myself, why isn't there a Topshop on Broadway? New Yorkers would dig that. I'm not sure why it took them so long to finally do it, I mean, while you were sleeping Phillip Green H&M kinda took over the world... that could have been you dude!

I know Topshop is kinda over rated, and at this point has become overpriced, but I do sort of credit it for what might be considered my fashion "awakening." Back in the 90's, I lived in Berkeley, California, a town known more for writers, activists, and hippies than for fashion. I wore some vintage clothes, black jeans, and tons of punk band t-shirts, and that's pretty much it. I bought my first years prom dress (a 50's day dress) at a thrift store and the next year my 60's shift was from ebay. Flash forward a couple years and this west coast girl was living in East London, going to clubs like Trash and Candybox (aka Scandi-box) and all of a sudden my 90's west coast wardrobe just didn't cut it anymore. I actually remember sitting with Megan and looking at all the crazy outfits going by at Trash. All of a sudden we looked at each other and said simultaneously, "we need to go SHOPPING."

Ever since then, Topshop was my go-to place in London, the Oxford Street store was only about 10 minutes from the LSE where I did my graduate degree several years later and I was, admittedly, in there probably at least once every two weeks. They really know how to keep you coming in there... they do really have something for everyone and the stock is always changing so if you don't buy the item you're thinking about right away, chances are it won't be there next time you visit. They would have a section in the Oxford Circus location called "last chance to buy," which would contain the last few sizes of certain styles, a real genious strategy really when you think about it because they didn't even have to put them on sale for people (myself included) to decide that its "now or never" and usually choose "now." Cheeky.

Anyways, I was working for Samantha yesterday and didn't want to go anywhere near the 2.5 hour long wait to get in, but had some free time today and couldn't resist a first visit. I didn't bring my camera but there are plenty of pictures on Racked or The Cut. I waited about 20 minutes in line outside, but was actually grateful for the crowd control, because once you got in, it was pretty mellow in there, everything was well organized and most items were available in all sizes. They had a lot of stuff that had sold out on the Topshop website and most of the stuff that was on the website looked WAY better in person. Sadly, it's kind of a small store (only about 1/4 of the size of Oxford Circus) and for some reason, they are WAY into the 90's trend that is happening right now. Seriously, the 90's? This is retro now? I'm sorry but this was the worst decade for fashion EVER. I wish I had a photo of me in my Bat Mitzvah dress circa 1993 because I swear they were selling the exact same dress.

Fortunately, it was not all bad, and I walked away with some goodies:

recent topshop purchases

How great is that silk top? Reminds me of Lyell. It did come out to be rather expensive, but overall I had a good experience. I even got away with getting a 10% student discount with my FIT non-credit course card. Sweet.

So thanks Phillip, I could do without the 90's revival but I am sure I will be back.

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