Friday, August 20, 2010

Vintage re-selling

I have mixed feelings about vintage re-selling. In one sense, it is something I do myself, scouring flea markets and thrift stores for good finds to sell on my Etsy site.

But then, you get people who buy stuff from your Etsy, complain about shipping price, and then turn around and sell it for more on Ebay?

I am always so happy when I make a vintage sale because I expect it to go to someone that is gong to love and cherish that item. It kind of makes my heart sink to see this happen.

My original item:

It's new ebay listing:

How does everyone else feel about this?


Bobby said...

hi i have just discovered your blog, love it :) It really annoys me when people buy my stuff and sell it for more!


Gabrielle said...

It's def. Not cool. I thinkof it this way. You go through all the trouble of finding it. only to have someone else exploit it! Does this make sense?? I have had that happen tome as well. Sold a Kimono Anthropologie sweater for $49.99 Only to have a lady turn around and sell it for $98.00 It felt like a slap in the face. Again Not cool.

MellJBrown said...

I think it's a gorgeous way of displaying the dress but is it just clever presentation or would the skirt sit like that when worn?
if it's the former, it really is a bit like exploiting your hard work. But if they actually modified the dress then props to them- it looks great!

-m xx

Rachel said...

no they just put an petticoat under it that was not included with the dress