Monday, March 22, 2010

Workin' for the weekend

My time is up at Erin Fetherston and after a week in California I now have a new job at the Ivana Helsinki/Love Contemporary concept shop. What started out as a pop-up has now become a permanent location. The space functions as a retail fashion store for Finnish designer Paola Sahonen, a sex toy shop, and an event space... all brought together by the new magazine Love Contemporary for which Paola is the creative director. I'm so excited to work there! The clothes are great and are all made in Finland.

Like Erin, for every collection Paola does a video which encapsulates the story of the collection. I am loving this video for the Spring/Summer collection. Also, I want that pouffy polka dot dress. And the romper.


Valentina_s said...

beautiful photos!
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Rachel said...

Thanks for the feedback Valentina!