Thursday, November 12, 2009

Underwear as outerwear

Its no secret that I love lingerie, I've done plenty of posts about it and and even developed some vintage tap pants (new website coming soon, it is looking bad ass!). Needless to say, I am very excited about some of the new lingerie-inspired styles coming out for spring. The detailing on some of these pieces is so gorgeous, looking through the spring Paris shows my mind was basically exploding all over the wall. Forget spring, I want to wear this now. Let's take a look at some of the highlights shall we?

Can we start with Dior? OMG, want this whole collection, but check it out! Hello, John you stole my vintage 40's tap pants idea! I love these paired with the delicate boustier blouse, I totally need to get the balls to wear my tap pants as outerwear.

You can get great vintage styles like these from a number of places:

My next favorite look from the Dior show was the following:

Now this look is a little risqué for every day but without the sheerness you could totally wear this. Perhaps in a silk crepe... Lyell does a cute one for Urban Outfitters in a similar style:

Fletcher by Lyell for Urban Outfitters Silk Jumper

The other show where lingerie inspiration featured prominently was the Dolce and Gabbana show. There was a mix of really masculine pieces with the really feminine lingerie-inspired pieces that I think worked well.

I think the trick to this look is layering of various lingerie pieces so that its not too sheer. Layer several slips over each other with varying lengths so that you create tiers. Mix lace and satin materials so that you can see the satin through the lace, etc. Ideas of some layering pieces:

As long as it doesn't get too cold this winter I am going to try to incorporate some of my vintage lingerie pieces into my regular wardrobe somehow. Otherwise no one will ever get to see them but me!

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Sweety P said...

Great post! I am so going to be layering lingerie in the spring!

workhard said...

This is a lovely post.. me a fan of lingerie.. the pieces are so lovely.. and layering is a splendid idea to wear your inner wear out..

Lingerie Blog

Anonymous said...

I love the lingerie-ish rompers that are happening now. I bought a really cool peach silk dress this summer and I can't really figure out where I'm going to wear it (it's floor length with spaghetti straps, so it basically looks like a nightgown - it probably is is a nightgown). But now I'm thinking it might be fun to alter it into a romper!

I also have been known in the past to wear corsets as shirts. It's a big crowd-pleaser.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I LOVE those tap pants. I wish I had the legs to wear shit like that out, but

Black said...

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pdq sailor said...

Tap panties are perhaps the most practical sleep wear ever and an be worn with everything from a chemise to a long night gown. They are modest yet they provide full access without removing them for sexual relations. No binding lower elastics and generous leg openings. Some pairs have slits that run near to the waist line for even more generous leg openings.

Joseph Morgan said...

What can I say, these pictures are breathtaking.Your outfits are lovely! When I saw this, I thought that you might like these women's outerwear