Sunday, July 12, 2009

Getting inspiration

Finally getting around to doing an entry. Instead of homework I suppose which I have put off all weekend with the exception of trying to get "inspiration" by first hitting the Angel Antiques Market on Saturday and then the Clerkenwell Vintage Fair on Sunday. I don't really like when people apologize for not posting or whatever since a blog is just a blog and you do it when you have time or feel like writing, unless you're getting paid. So no apologies. I have been having fun and going out and learning and doing stuff and generally having a good time.

School is waaayyyy more intensive than I thought it would be, I have six courses and assignments for all of them: European Culture and History, Fashion Marketing, Product Development, Fashion Forecasting, The Design Process, and Styling. And so far I have been slacking on pretty much all of them and not entirely liking what I am doing. We did our first shoot for fashion styling, it was kind of hilarious being dressed like this in Shephards Bush, kind of a FAIL. People kept shouting Lady Gaga at me.

photoshoot 1 for fashion styling

The class I'm finding the most confusing is Fashion Forecasting, which I thought I would be really good at, but I really don't understand how trends are forecasted, especially colors. Basically it seems like 2-3 industry experts decide and then everyone else listens to them and decides that SALMON IS IN FOR S/S '11. Huh? I wear the same colors all the time and wear clothes for years, does that make me not fashion forward? We have to pick a couple trends that will be popular 2 years from now and make illustrated mood boards around the themes. I am TOTALLY dreading that one. I am also having a hard time getting used to this style of education. I am sort of used to being lectured to and having exams and cramming etc... not forced to be creative all day long: its exhausting! This is why my friend Margarita says art school doesn't work. Anyways...

Here is a photo set from the days past two events. Naturally, after blowing too much money on vintage this weekend I am now going to PARIS for 5 days with my program. God help me. Oh and befor the photo set let's have one of those American-in-London teenage humor moments.


LOL, Laycock.


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